Awardee #13: Healcrest Urban Farm


This spring, start looking for tea pops to pop up around town, courtesy of our 13th award winner, Healcrest Urban Farm. The for-profit social enterprise teaches community members about urban farm production, green vacant land use, and youth employment and mentorship.

“We have had great experiences vending around town with our products, going to markets and events. We love connecting with people that way and having something to offer them,” noted Maria Graziani, Healcrest Urban Farm’s owner.

Located in Garfield, Healcrest Urban Farm has already transformed a plot of unused urban ruin into a flourishing garden rich with herbs, fruits and vegetables. Maria Graziani and Healcrest’s program coordinator Dana Launius are committed to promoting both community and physical health, including projects specializing in local grown medicinal herbs. With Awesome Pittsburgh’s $1,000 grant, the two hope to expand upon their already existing tea market into a new field.

Maria continued, “Our teas are popular at the markets we attend and depending on your taste they are delicious. We are exploring a frozen treat that incorporates tea, fruit, and herbs. With this product we can satisfy a variety of palettes and tastes with a healthy, delicious, locally grown and hand crafted treat!”

Healcrest Urban Farm currently sells its products in the spring and summer at the Pittsburgh Public Market, Reservoir of Jazz, Penn Avenue Unblurred, Bryant Street Fair, and more locations. Maria and Dana will use our $1,000 to buy a cold storage ice cream cart to take their new frozen tea pops around the community.

Stay tuned to Healcrest’s progress on Facebook or Twitter and let us know what you think when you get to taste the new treats!

Awesome Pittsburgh awards $1,000 grants on a monthly basis to individuals or groups who propose ways of making Pittsburgh stand out in the global economy, connect our communities, or celebrate art or technology and make the city a better place to live, work and play. Submit your short proposal here.