Awardee #11: ZipPitt

Imagine plummeting 400 feet over a river at a top speed of 50 miles per hour. Sound awesome to you?

It sure did to us! Our eleventh winner of $1,000 is Adam Young, founder of the new venture ZipPitt. We were so excited about the project that we agreed to keep it under wraps for three months while Adam tested the idea with city officials and neighborhood residents.

Adam’s project aims to connect two of Pittsburgh’s most iconic destinations, Mount Washington and the North Shore, with a set of four ziplines.  He’ll use our money to bring in a national zipline company to conduct a feasibility study of the proposed site.

“Imagine yourself gliding from the top of Mt. Washington at 50 mph, across the Ohio River, and landing a half-mile away on the North Shore. You won’t have to imagine forever, because ZipPitt is proposing to make this experience a reality,” Adam said, “ZipPitt hopes to be a permanent zip line connecting Pittsburgh’s Mt. Washington to the North Shore. You’ll experience Pittsburgh’s iconic scenery traveling on one of the four parallel lines, nestled beneath the downtown skyline.”

Adam Young hopes to secure Pittsburgh’s title of America’s most livable city by bringing this premier attraction to the area, adding to the city’s already impressive list of activities and entertainment.

The proposed ZipPitt project, which aims to open within two years, will ultimately feature a 400 foot vertical drop at 50 mph across the half-mile ride. Riders will enjoy a thrilling and comfortable experience from a seated harness traveling along one of four parallel zip lines. Currently, the project is advancing through design and development stages, planning for a site survey and feasibility study while seeking permits and approvals. ZipPitt aims to contract with companies based in Pittsburgh for construction, naming rights and business services.

Adam said, “Let’s show the world how Pittsburgh continues to innovate and give riders a riveting experience. A zip line of this magnitude and atmosphere will immerse you in an unprecedented perspective of Pittsburgh.”

You can cheer on Adam’s progress on his web site, Facebook page, and Twitter feed.

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Update 2/9/13: Want to help make this great idea real? You can contribute to Adam’s Indiegogo campaign to raise $15,000 for the initial costs of surveys, design, and permitting.