Special Award: “Breaking New Ground” with the Busnegie Museum of Art

It’s a good bet that riders who use the Port Authority shelters outside the Carnegie Museum of Art will catch much more than the bus in October. Instead, they may catch an art show.

That’s because local artist Suzanne Werder plans to transform the two shelters on Forbes Avenue, highlighting the works of local artists in place of the usual ads that people often see.

If you’re familiar with Patina—the Art of Aging, you might recognize Werder’s name. She previously won an Awesome Pittsburgh grant for that project, and true to form, she is still on a mission to connect people with art.

This time she hopes to propel the careers of local artists, providing them with exposure to the art professionals who will be descending upon the museum for the 57th edition of Carnegie International, an exhibition of contemporary artists and art collectives. She also wants to create an art experience for those who often walk by the museum but rarely venture in.

 “By bringing art to them in the very egalitarian space of bus shelters,” said Werder, “the Busnegie seeks to remedy the often correct perception that art is elitist and stuffy.”

Additionally, Werder noted that to further promote the arts for those who cannot afford the entrance fee, Busnegie will publicize the little known fact that those who receive government assistance and have an ACCESS card can attend the Carnegie for just $1.

Awesome Pittsburgh is awarding Werder a special $1,000 “Breaking New Ground” grant for the Busnegie project through the generous donation of Trustee Mike Capsambelis’ Legacy Award from The Sprout Fund. “Both Awesome Pittsburgh and The Sprout Fund share the mission of supporting Pittsburghers who are making a positive impact in our city,” said Capsambelis.

“This is a perfect example of celebrating art and connecting our communities.”

Werder, who currently has a Soup N’at grant to pay for the first month of the installation, plans to use the extra funds to extend the exhibit and pay for production costs. She is excited about the prospect of creating an art experience at the bus stop.  “After all,” she says, “I believe that art is for everyone.”

For updated event information, visit the Busnegie Museum Facebook page.