Spreading the word in Pittsburgh


Thanks to the Pittsburgh Business Times for featuring us in this week’s print edition! The Pittsburgh chapter of the Awesome Foundation (which we just call Awesome Pittsburgh, because, well, it is) is getting even closer to launch. We have a lot of interest from people who want to become Trustees or submit project ideas. Thanks to all of you who’ve contacted us already!

We are continuing to meet with potential Trustees with an eye toward an energetic group of people with diverse interests and networks. It’s important to us that the people and organizations to whom we award grants can also tap into our networks to grow their idea beyond the $1000-sized project. We’re hearing from people from all different worlds — education, design, art,  community development, advertising, technology, and more — and can’t wait to round out our Team of 10 and get started! That said, if you are interested, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know and we’ll get in touch with you. And even if you are not in the first group of Trustees, the board will change and seats will open over time. We will keep a list of all “Friends in Awesomeness” and make sure we stay in touch.

We also plan to have a networking event to celebrate our launch in September, so watch this space and follow @awesomepittsbgh on Twitter for more on that soon!