People are making so much great stuff. Time to make more.


I’ve long been impressed with the talent, passion, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit of people in Pittsburgh. It’s a city where someone with an idea, a little money, a few connections, and some motivation can start a company, develop an urban garden, open a restaurant, stage a production, launch a non-profit, or release a mixtape that gets national attention.

I’ve been in the tech community for over 16 years now and am pretty familiar with the established software companies, the startups, the investors, and all of the supporting organizations that keep the technology sector here dynamic and exciting. Over the past few months, however, as I reached out to potential Trustees and others with an interest in furthering the cause of awesomeness in Pittsburgh, I’ve had the good fortune to meet some amazing people in other corners of the community and discovered that the movement to explore, to create, and to share is everywhere.

Yet there are still a lot more ideas bouncing around in people’s heads. Ideas that just need a little bump to get moving. $1000 may not open a new gallery or launch an afterschool program for kids, but it might be that little push someone needs to get make something great. That’s why we’re starting Awesome Pittsburgh.