Awesome Pittsburgh Invites You to Share Awesome

If you were given $10 with no strings attached, what would you do with it?

On Wednesday, March 20th, trustees and volunteers from Awesome Pittsburgh will distribute 100 envelopes each filled with $10, and invite Pittsburghers to consider paying it forward by spreading joy and doing something awesome. Beginning at noon, volunteers will be Downtown, the North Side, and in the East End handing out envelopes to lucky recipients.

Although there are no restrictions on what the cash can be used for, recipients are asked to do something awesome with it, and to share their story in social media channels using #awesomepgh or @awesomepgh which are stamped on each bill.


Share Awesome is based on the Awesome Foundation’s pink envelope campaign, where chapters place envelopes stuffed with cash around their towns for people to find and use for a good deed.  The aim is to celebrate the power of generosity and being awesome, and Awesome Pittsburgh expects it to propel a wave of goodwill across the city. Not by chance, March 20th is also Mister Rogers’ birthday, and the team honors his memory by doing something awesome in our neighborhoods.

Media Coverage:
Awesome Pittsburgh is giving 100 people $10 each to perform acts of kindness. And report back.  (NEXTpittsburgh)