Deadline Changed to 1st of Each Month

Our monthly deadline for applications has been moved from the 15th to the 1st (by Midnight). We’ll still announce the winner by the end of the month. If you’ve submitted over the past 4-5 weeks, don’t worry. We’re holding on to those applications and will consider them with others coming in by Nov. 1.  As always, our simple application form is here.

New to Awesome Pittsburgh?  Here’s some language from a post a year ago that captures some of our intentions:

Fabled sports teams. Beautiful hills and rivers. Pride in neighborhoods. World-renowned universities, employers, and nonprofits.

All this and more makes the Pittsburgh region awesome. But most importantly, it’s the hundreds of daily, unseen acts of people being good neighbors and mentors. It’s the inspiring ideas fermenting in people’s garages and backyards, in their workrooms and classrooms. It’s the hidden creativity and talents waiting to be unleashed.

In short, our region’s awesomeness comes from people like you.

And we hope people like us, the trustees of Awesome Pittsburgh. We’re unabashed in our pride in living here and in our belief in our fellow residents. So much so that we’re willing to put up our own hard-earned cash to fund awesome ideas. We’re not Carnegies, Hillmans, or Dietrichs. But, like them we believe in Pittsburgh and in Pittsburghers (new and old).

We believe in your ability to make our region even more awesome.

You can submit your idea for advancing awesomeness in the Pittsburgh area here.  And if that awesome idea hasn’t quite gelled yet, don’t worry. We’ll make more $1,000 awards for ideas submitted in the coming months.

So bring it on. Inspire us, wow us, move us, make us laugh or weep with joy. In short, be the awesome people we know you can be!