February Award Winner: Community Steps Cooperative

Congratulations to our newest awardee, the Community Steps Cooperative, an initiative focused on preserving and promoting the many steps and stairways that can be found within the City of Pittsburgh.  The Cooperative will use our $1,000 grant to support outreach and volunteer efforts for cleanup and improvement days at targeted steps within various City neighborhoods.

“The Community Steps Cooperative offers a win-win for the city—we improve these unique spaces at a much lower cost than traditional means while communities become more walkable and have the opportunity to connect and take ownership of their steps,” said Alex Lake, Co-Director of Community Steps Cooperative. “This Awesome Pittsburgh grant gives us the means to start growing our organization and allows us to purchase the tools and supplies needed to begin hosting volunteer days this spring.”

The City’s steps are historic features that provide connectivity, contribute accessibility, and add a distinct character to nearly every neighborhood, with more than 700 sets of steps throughout Pittsburgh.

Staffed by volunteers, the Community Steps Cooperative is creating a network of individuals who are dedicated to maintaining and preserving neighborhood steps and serving as a resource for people who want to help or make use of the steps.  As part of its efforts, the Cooperative will solicit community feedback and support, act as a liaison between neighborhoods and local government, and carry out projects that improve and promote the use of the Pittsburgh city steps. Volunteer and improvement activities are scheduled to begin this May.

CSC would love to have more volunteers, advocates, and even donors. To learn more about or to get involved, visit www.cscpgh.org or www.facebook.com/cscpgh.

UPDATE: 7/16/12

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette had a great article about the Community Steps Cooperative today: http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/local/neighborhoods-city/community-group-takes-steps-to-safeguard-stairways-in-pittsburgh-644839/