The Projects

What is Awesome?

We have received an amazing number of applications from organizations and individuals with awesome missions. The ones that stood out for us focused on tangible projects that we couldn’t wait to see come to life. So what are we looking for? True awesomeness overcomes all else, but the following project qualities merit additional Awesome bonus points.

  • Wow Factor. Does it make us say, “Holy coleslaw-on-a-sandwich, that’s awesome!”?
  • Utility. Would the Awesome micro-grant make a real difference in getting the project off the ground in the near future?
  • Niceness. Would the idea make people happy or help people?
  • Bigness/Local Impact – Does it have the potential to reach many people in the Pittsburgh region? Does it scale?
  • Environmental Impact – Needless waste is not awesome.

Awesome Pittsburgh Winners






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