The Projects

Awesome Pittsburgh Winners


#1: The Puppet Photo Booth
#2: Pop-Up Co-Op, launched as the Morningside Pop-Up Market


#3: Art Barge now called The Drift
#4: Community Steps Cooperative 
#5: Dickson Elementary Outdoor Art Garden
#6: Exquisite Machine
#7: Pittsburgh Light Disco
#8: The First Bytes Society
#9: Smiles for Hilltop
#10: The Caldwell Project
#11: Zip Pitt
#12: Urban Stitches
#13: Healcrest Urban Farm
#14: Juice Up 412


#15: 60 Seconds of Pure Freedom
#16: Knit the Bridge
#17: ShareCloset
#18: Creped Crusader
#19: First Editions
#20: Carrie Deer Salvage Art Workshop
#21: GLAD Bags for Foster Children
#22: Cupcakes and Culture
#23: Tip Type
#24: PittMesh
#25: The Drop Project

What is Awesome?

We have received an amazing number of interesting proposals from organizations and individuals with awesome missions, and the ones that stood out for us focused on tangible projects that we couldn’t wait to see come to life. So what are we looking for? True awesomeness overcomes all else, but the following project qualities merit additional Awesome bonus points.*

  • Wowness – Does it make us say, “Holy coleslaw-on-a-sandwich, that’s awesome!”?
  • Utility – Would the Awesome micro-grant make a real difference in whether or not this project gets off the ground in the near future?
  • Niceness – Is this idea one that makes people happy or helps people?
  • Bigness/Local Impact – Does it have the potential to reach many people in the Pittsburgh region?
  • Environmental Impact – Needless waste is not awesome.

Looking for ideas? You can also check out some of the Awesome Foundation projects being funded outside the City of Champions at the international Awesome Foundation site!

These are just a few, and we’ll add more as time allows. But you can see that even this short list covers a range of projects from art and music to science and education. And horseback riding!

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